Virtual Office: Check out all the features of our Backoffice

When you Registration at PlimBet you will have access to a Virtual Office. It will be through your office that you will purchase your first licenses and monitor the operations carried out.

To access your office you must access the website:

escritório virtual plim bet

To access your office you must access the website:

1: Dashboard:

After accessing your Backoffice you will enter your Dashboard. Here you will be able to see the first information.

  • Available Balance: this is the balance that you can withdraw;
  • Bankroll: the total number of licenses you purchased;
  • Daily profit: earnings from operations that day;
  • Monthly profit: the accumulated gain within the month;
  • Accumulated profit: is the total earnings from licenses over the entire period;
  • Daily profit 🚀: Daily profit on Leverage;
  • Monthly profit 🚀: the accumulated gain within the month with Leverage;
  • Accumulated profit 🚀: is the total earnings from Leverage licenses over the entire period;
  • Total earnings: all earnings accumulated at PlimBet, including licenses and affiliate earnings.

At the bottom of the home screen you will see your Affiliate Link. If you want to become an affiliate and recommend Plim Bet to your friends, it will be through this link that you will register them on your team. 

2: Edit profile

edit profile

By clicking on the top button you can edit your profile. Change and add some data such as your name, CPF, email, telephone, password...

It will be there that you must add 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), thus ensuring more security for your account.

The bottom button in the image has the option for you to change the language of your virtual office. We have the option of Portuguese, Spanish and English.


In the left side menu (computer) or by clicking on the top right button (mobile) you will have access to a menu with several functionalities. Let's see each of them:

  1. Licenses: this part is where you can purchase your licenses. There are 2 types, the standard license and Leverage. On this page you can also track the licenses you have already purchased;
  2. Operations: this page is where you will follow the operations carried out by PlimBot. You will be able to view the history of the last 7 days of operations;
  3. Alavancation: here you will be able to monitor Leverage operations;
  4. Affiliates: this page is intended for Plim Bet affiliates. If you're sharing the company with others, this is where you'll track your team. This screen will also show the commissions generated by the network;
  5. Statement: on this screen you will have access to all transactions carried out on your account. Be it income, network gains or even all withdrawals made;
  6. Withdrawals: the page to make your withdrawals. It will also track the status of pending withdrawals.
  7. Media: Affiliates who wish to share PlimBet with their friends can use the media provided by the company to promote the business.

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